OK, a bit freaked now

The wasps are back. They’re doing structural blasting on the outside walls and I guess this upset them. They are pretty big and pretty slow. Not sure why. Think it may have to do with fact they’ve been sprayed so much. Not sure why they’re bigger though.

But how did they get in? Well apparently the window (the replacement) got cracked a bit. But there’s a bigger issue. And no one needs to worry here–but….[key dramatic music]…they’re in the walls. I shit you not. Feel like I’m in Aliens or something.

So Im moderately freaked. Like a six out of ten. They’re wasps. They fly around and mostly mind their business. It’s not like they’re earwigs. Those freak me out. I guess tarantulas would be the worst. That’d be like a ten on the freak out scale.

Anyway, no videos for a while. The exterminator is coming Monday. See you later.

Probably. [cue Beethoven’s 9th symphony]

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